In this article I am going to show you how to fight all sorts of problems like bugs and stuff and also hopefully make working with GORM a little easier.


GORM developers claim it is a fantastic ORM, and in a way, it is indeed fantastic, but a lack…

Today we are going to learn to how to create and manage Code First migrations for a Spring Boot application. But first, a little bit of theory.

Code First is an approach that allows us to create a database structure from model classes and configuration. …

You have to combine you certificate with root and intermediate, otherwise it won’t work. See this short article to see how to do that.

This is a short guide (mostly for myself and my team) on how to install SSL certificate on a Nginx web server.

Normally we buy a certificate from either a provider or a reseller. The process is pretty straightforward.

First, we have to generate so-called Certificate Signing Request (CSR) and…

How to build string from template in Golang like we do it in C# or Python? See this article.

I am quite new to golang. I started programming in golang a couple of months ago because I had to develop a solution based on existing golang open source project.

Golang differs from other popular languages like C#, Java or Python, in many ways it resembles modern C language.


Nowadays many small businesses tend to buy a hosting and a mail service from web hosting providers. But I believe there is a much better way. Yes, I am talking VPS, dedicated or even better, a collocation. …

Michael Ushakov

I am a scientist (physicist), an engineer (hardware & software) and the CEO of Wissance (

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